Provide pastoral care

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Provide Pastoral Care

This unit utilises PUADEFCH001B Provide Pastoral Care.  These are the competencies required to provide pastoral care and counsel to members of an organisation.

Those seeking a Pastal role or who are Christian leaders should be immersed in the practices of their accredited faith group and to operate within a spiritual framework. This includes the provision of spiritual advice and support on a day-to-day basis to those in need, whether they are members of their church, another organisation or even thier family members.   This unit seeks to develeop those empathatic skills that make a good Pastor or Christian leader.

This unit may be completed through our online learning portal or through the develpment of a comprehensive skills portfolio

  •     Encourage spiritual formation in the organisation
  •     Provide supportive networks
  •     Administer the pastoral care of the organisation
  •     Counsel organisation members and their families
  •     Maintain records

Essential knowledge:

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively perform task skills; task management skills; contingency management skills and job/role environment skills as outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit.  These include knowledge of:

  •     world religions together with associated religious beliefs and practices
  •     denominational doctrines, worship and practices
  •     principles of chaplaincy care
  •     relevant organisational processes and protocols
  •     relevant records maintenance requirements
  •     relevant support agencies
  •     code of behaviour
  •     organisation guidelines and standards for privacy, confidentiality, defamation, duty of care
  •     professional codes of practice
  •     ethical standards
  •     verbal and non verbal communication techniques including body language, language style, active listening, questioning
  •     composition of faith group

Essential skills:

Ability to:

  •     meet denominational or multi faith requirements
  •     communication skills including the capacity to:
  •     read and interpret spoken and written texts which include abstract ideas and symbolism
  •     present abstract and symbolic ideas to groups and individuals
  •     take part in and facilitate interpersonal exchanges with groups and individuals,
  •     selecting language style suitable to audience and context for the purpose of:
  •     establishing, maintaining and developing relationships,
  •     exploring issues and or problem solving
  •     actively listen, summarise and clarify ideas
  •     provide positive and empathetic feedback
  •     use a variety of verbal and non verbal communication techniques including:
  •     body language,
  •     language style and gesture
  •     follow instructions and report information
  •     organisational
  •     planning
  •     counselling
  •     facilitate small group discussion
  •     liaison
  •     analytical and evaluation
  •     retain professionalism under duress
  •     encourage members of faith group

This unit can only be completed through the compilation of a thorough Portfolio of Skills Evidence

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