Who Is Vision?

 Vision Bible College

Vision Colleges is a part of the continuing ministry of Vision Christian College,  Vision International Colleges, Internet Bible college and  Vision International University and the Texas University of Theology

Now with the facility of the internet we bring a new dimension to Vision Christian College, the provision of our excellent teaching materials and courses to students throughout the world - to places previously unreachable, to students once denied the opportunity to study the word of God along with our regular students - with the Vision Internet Bible College.

After little more than thirty years since its foundation, Vision Christian College now ministers to over 150,000 students though our ministry arms in over 145 nations around the world, through more than 8000 churches, denominations and para-church ministries who use Vision as one of their preferred colleges.

Additionally there are thousands of unregistered students though our missions work who cannot afford to pay or who are in countries where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still forbidden or strongly discouraged.

How did such remarkable growth occur? It began with two men with a vision.

Others have contributed and have made and enourmous impact on the growth and development  of the ministry.


Dr. Ken Chant

Dr. Ken Chant

Dr. Ken Chant (M.R.E. Th.D), is the President of Vision Christian College (Australia) and is on the International Board of Directors for Vision International University (USA).

Dr Ken Chant is an Australian pentecostal pastor who was ordained in Melbourne in 1954. He has been actively involved in Christian ministry for over 50 years (ten of which he and his family spent in the USA). A brief summary of his ministry would include the following -

He has pioneered eight churches and Pastored several others, including serving for five years as the associate pastor of what was then Australia's largest Pentecostal church (the Adelaide Crusade Centre).

For several years he was the editor of two of Australia's most successful charismatic/Pentecostal journals.

He has been the principal of four Bible colleges (in Australia and the USA), has taught at Christ for the Nations (Dallas), Oral Roberts University (Tulsa), Youth With a Mission (Hawaii), and spoken at crusades, conferences, and seminars in Australia, the UK, the USA, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Dr. Chant is the author of many of Vision's textbooks on Christian life, Doctrine and Theology.

Dr. Stan DeKoven

Dr. Stan DeKoven

Dr. Stan DeKoven (D. Min., Ph.D.), is the President of Vision International University. The headquarters are in Ramona, California in the USA. Dr. DeKoven has doctorates in psychology and theology and is the author of many of Vision's textbooks on Christian ministry and counselling.

VCC is a product of the joint vision of these two men. In the providence of God, they first met (in 1986) in San Diego, California, where they discovered a kinship of call and purpose in the Lord, and merged their two ministries to form VCC.

The story began more than a decade earlier.

In 1974 Ken Chant started the Launceston College of Theology (in Launceston, Tasmania), and simultaneously, Joseph Bohac and Stan DeKoven (in San Diego, California) began Logos Institute, a local-church training program in practical ministry and counselling.

Four years later Dr. Chant moved his school to Sydney (Australia), while in the USA Logos Institute continued as a counselling ministry and training centre, and Dr. DeKoven pursued personal studies in psychology and theology.

More changes took place in 1982 - Dr. Chant moved to the United States, where he established his program in Minneapolis (Minnesota).

Dr. DeKoven returned to San Diego (having earned his doctorate), where he continued to expand the Logos program and in the same year, Dr. Randy Gurley (who is currently Chairman of the Board of Regents and Executive Vice-President of VIU began a teaching ministry that eventually merged with Vision.

Then in 1986 Dr. Chant brought his program to San Diego (California), where Vision Bible College was legally established as a non-profit corporation, and where two years later, in the providence of God, he met Dr. DeKoven. These two men found an immediate affinity in Christ, united their hearts and visions, and began the network of affiliated campuses that (barely a decade later) became established world-wide, with thousands of students.

Dr. Chant and his family returned to his native Australia in 1990, but prior to his leaving, Vision Bible College, under Dr. DeKoven's direction, had expanded to its present university status.

A site was purchased in the beautiful community of Ramona, California, where its world headquarters are still based. A local campus and a counselling centre are also located at this site.

In 1992 the American College applied for and was granted full Institutional accreditation with the Accrediting Commission International of Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries.

In 1993 Vision Christian Ministries (USA) affiliated with St. Michael's Baptist Church and was renamed Vision Christian Church International, and California Christian College was renamed Vision International University.

In the meantime, in Australia, the College was re-named Vision Christian College, and its program has continued to flourish under Dr. Chant's leadership. We now have local church (Resource Centres) campuses established in many parts of Australia and New Zealand, plus several hundred students in both countries who are doing the course by correspondence.

Dr DeKoven has provided the entrepreneurial drive for the global expansion of VCC, and Dr Chant has provided much of the teaching material (especially in theology). But the educational philosophy under-girding the College, its international vision, its dynamic concepts, all stem from the work of the Holy Spirit in both men and in the team that works with them.

The Third Man, Rev. Denis Plant

Rev. Denis Plant

Denis has enjoyed a teaching ministry for over 40 years.

moving up through the ranks fof the local church he moved on to pastor and later to prioneer several churches in NSW.  Denis has taught in several bible colleges in australia and around the world and has established two Bible Colleges, one of which is now the denominational Bible College for the Foursquare Churches in Australia,.

With his wife Rosalind Denis served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea where he was the last ex-patriate Principal at Lighthouse Bible College with the Foursquare Churches at Madang.

Upon returning to Australia he arrived with a vision and determination to place a Bible College on the Internet. Although totally unfamiliar with the internet he quickly developed the skills to create the Internet BIble College.  His familiarity with the Vision studies convinced him that, of all the material available the studies offered by Vision Christian College was the most suitable for this work. and has proven to have world wide appeal and so thye Internet BIble College was born, it was amoung, if not the very first college on the internet to actually offer courses online.

Since that time he has taken Vision Christian College and developed the ministry to a fully accredited Bible College offerering the Christian Ministry and Theology courses, a fully vocational education program fully accredited under ASQA, australia's accrediting body.  The courses are ideally suited to the Theological, skill and knowledge base development for those who wish to enter into ministry.

The Forth Man

Dr John Delgado

Dr. John who runs the Hispanic wing of Vision International University is the President of Vision Internationl Universituy Florida, now the Texas University of Theology

John has dedicated his life to ministry for over 40 years and is recognized internationally as a conference speaker and teacher to Pastors and Christian Leaders.

Dr. Delgado is President of Texas University of Theology. He is a mentor offering support and spiritual covering to many Pastors and Leaders.Dr. Delgado and his wife Dr. Iris Delgado offer marriage and leadership conferences. Dr. Delgado has authored various books including Authority to Destroy the Works of the Enemy, Prayer Training Manual, Possessing God’s Peace in the Midst of Trouble, and Men of Impact.

Our State approved award are issued through Texas University of Theology .

The Faculty

  • The International President of VIU is the Rev. Dr. Stan DeKoven (Ph.D, D.Min.), San Diego, California.
  • The President of VCC in Australia is the Rev Dr. Ken Chant (M.R.E., Th.D).
  • The Principal/CEO Internet Bible College is Pastor Denis Plant (BA Th. MA).
  • Dr. Delgado is President of Texas University of Theology
  • The registrar of our External Studies program is Mrs. Patricia Hart.

We also draw upon the skilled and diverse faculty attached to the American campus of Vision International University and Vision Christian College in Australia.